writing your dissertation

In writing up the research the writing style of the researcher will need to hone in on the academic coherence of a compare and contrast analytical style. This can be aided by two specific rules: ensure that a careful flow chart plan has been prepared for the literature review, with all headings, subheadings, linkage to appropriate appendices are noted, and that each subject theme and theorist is placed in the plan at an appropriate point in the flow of the theoretical debate; also, ensure that any references are checked before inclusion for citation, dates and bibliographic linkage, this latter point will save crucial time later.
The plan can then be followed through the research notes coherently. This first draft when completed will need careful review by the supervisor, who will guide further additions, or provide ways to tighten language or resolve gaps in the process. From which a second draft can be completed. This is why, it is essential to maintain focus on the original basis for the research, discussions and contact with the research supervisor, and moreover, the consistency of redrafting will also be a crucial element to the process.
The importance of getting the literature review right is crucial therefore considerable time should be given to reading, note taking, buy essays for college and writing. It is also important to note that a literature review is not simply a process of linking themes by a default discussion of those theoretical themes, on the contrary, the review must prove clearly that the researcher can analytically articulate the subject matter, carefully navigate and deduce academic arguments, soundly contrast the opinions, counter opinions of theorists that impact on the subject that is under analysis.
In spending the crucial time in preparing the literature review the researcher will afford greater time in presenting a coherent argument supporting their findings against proven academic opinions, which will support or confound their original research hypothesis.